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CAA protest in Shillong

Shillong Assamese community,KSU and SCCASA holds sit-in demonstration

Shillong: The Anti Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 protest on 16.12.2019 gained momentum in Shillong CAA agitation as Assamese community of Shillong and SCCASA joined in a peaceful Sit-In protest.

The Shillong Socio-Cultural Assam Students Association (SCCASA) held a sit-in demonstration at Asom Krishti Kendra in Dhankheti on Monday demanding implementation of the Eastern Bengal Frontier Regulation, 1873, or the inner line (ILP) permit system in the North East.

Members of the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) led by its general secretary Donald V Thabah also joined the sit-in.

“We demand from the Centre to repeal the Act since it is a legislation that is against the interest and sentiments of the people of the region. CAA will… divide the indigenous communities of the region,” said Dheeman Bhuyan, advisor to the Assam Socio-Cultural Association.

Bhuyan informed that a leader of a Hindu organisation in Dhaka, Govinda Chandra Pramanik, told reporters there that 2.5 crore Hindus could migrate to India with the hope of getting citizenship.

“Where will we accommodate them? Already there are shortage of government jobs, resources and space. We cannot accommodate anymore,” he added.

According to Thabah, while the Assamese community is supporting ILP for Meghalaya, KSU is extending its support to implementation of the Assam Accord.

“The stand of NESO and KSU is that ILP should be implemented in the whole region,” said Thabah, adding that the relation between KSU and SCCASA dates back to 1979 during the anti-foreigners movement.

The crowd included teachers, lawyers, doctors, students and people from all walks of life. Donald V. Thabah in his speech addressed the concerns of the people and said the fight is not a lone war but a united revolution. The Assamese society, too, unanimously opposed the government’s move to divide the North East on the lines of religion and also suppress the voice of the masses through the means of internet blockage, unlawful arrests and gagging the media to silence.

The crowd paid tribute to the six martyrs of Assam and also vouched to bring them to justice by protesting against the CAA for as long as they can. Slogans of “Joi Aai Axom” and “In Slem Maitshaphrang” echoed far and wide and sent out a message, that the North East could not be divided on communal lines. The Assamese Society claimed that theirs was a dual battle as they were fighting not only for the rights of the people of Assam but also for the people of Meghalaya. They vouched their allegiance to Meghalaya and vowed to fight for what they call their “second home”. The KSU in return promised to take steps to assure the Assamese society of their safety and unity.



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