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Online secondhand bike sale dupes people

By Prasanta Phukon

A new scam is going on duping people through the advertisement on websites such as OLX, Bikedeko etc, where second hand bikes are put on sale.

The websites would put up convincing pictures of bikes with attractive offers but at the same hard to believe as a second bike which is worth Rs 50,000 would be offered at Rs 15,000. 

When contact, those involve in the scam would narrate the same story even claiming themselves to be army personnel who are in dire need of money therefore they would sell the bike at a very cheap prize.

The scammers wouldn’t allow the buyer to see the bike saying that they will parcel it.

Recently, one person, a driver of an esteemed daily newspaper from Shillong was duped of Rs 3000 on the pretext of buying a second hand bike from such websites. He was asked to pay an advance so that they can parcel the bike. However after the payment was made through Paytm, the scammers never responded to him again.

The scammers would smartly inquire about the customers’ job profile and accordingly would ask money as low as Rs 3000. They prefer Paytm or other third party finance account Apps as mode of payment where they can show fake names and address.

There is nothing wrong with these websites because there are still genuine sellers but we have to be careful. But if these websites can and should do is verifying the sellers only then allow their advertisement to be published.  

If you happened to come across such cases please do share in the comments and share this message as a campaign to stop fraudulent people with their intentions.  

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