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Shillong Peak - A secret trek 

There is a secret path to Shillong Peak which starts near Pomwait (Madan Laban Nepali School) that leads to Shillong Peak by treking.It is not so frequented by people, not even known to many. And this is exactly why this is one spectacular route to trek all the way up through the lap of raw, untouched nature. The entire trail you will experience something out of this world, perhaps a little piece of Heaven.
It is advisable to trek this trail with a local guide or someone who knows this place well. The climb is quite sharp but a basic treking gear would be sufficient.


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DJ  Knack  revs  up  the  party
Shillong boy released his first single track on April 6th 2019
By Prasanta Phukon

Duncan Kharmalki had to go through fire and water before DJ Knack became a success story. The 28-year-old disk jockey and producer, who was born and brought up in Laitumkhrah’s Nongrimbah, is all set to release his first single Track on YouTube and the opening gig will be at Urban Mantra in Guwahati on April 6. The home gig is scheduled for April 27 at Tango.

Showing the ropes of a new sport

By Prasanta Phukon

Shillong boy Chandan Deka is walking a tight rope, literally. The 25-year-old techie turned adventurer is on a mission to popularise an activity that is still known among a handful of people.
Deka started slacklining only last October. It was his elder brother, Dhiraj, a rock climber himself, who initiated him into the adventure sport.

“Slacklining is the act of tying a flat rope between two anchors or points and walking on it.

A Cross country drive

Two brothers meet in Mumbai & set on a road trip through the mainland to visit their home town Shillong

By Prasanta Phukan

It was a road trip covering 3,665 km, seven states, 42 toll gates, four days and three nights and burning 189 litres of diesel.
The tarmac passed through various landscapes, from hillocks to high mountains, from dry plains to lush green forest, from crowded thoroughfares to sparsely populated towns. 

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