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ICC busier with logos then planning?


By Prasanta Phukon

This cricket world cup 2019, I feel is a fair tournament for all 10 qualified playing nations, because they get to face  all playing teams before the direct semis, unlike other years where the teams were divided into groups. As a cricket fan's opinion, this ongoing prestigious cricket world cup tournament could have been planned better. Till now as many as 4 matches were a complete washout, and the most affected team due to this is South Africa, because it was the rain that decided their fate not the game itself. ICC had 4 years of time to schedule matches and this time around, the changes are commendable. What has gone wrong is the season. England's weather this time of the year is unpredictable. Holding such a prestigious tournament, the world cup during summers is dicey. They have the finance, decades of knowledge and also the technology, surely the tournament could have been timed better. There should have been provision for teams  to at least postpone the games to have a fair point tally. "One thing we all can appreciate the ICC is their alertness to point out the tiny logo on the gloves of the Indian wicket keeper which for some reason is against their rules and wrong scheduling of the largest cricket tournament in the world is not."

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