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Beat One Project release their first song

Beat One Project, a Hip-Hop band from Shillong, released their first song Spit Fire on October 30. The song can be streamed in Spotify and Youtube. The song is a collaboration between Beat One Project, YOMI and Banjop.

Spit Fire is produced and recorded by The Midnight Pros Studio (TMP Studio in Shillong) with Yoomiki Thangkhiew (YOMI) as the composer, Duncan Kharmalki on the arrangements , Erick Kharsyiemiong with mixing and mastering finally feat with Banjop, the rapper, as a part of the team delivered with his unique vibes.

The song showcases versatility in unique and different styles of hip-hop. The music video is directed by Hirak J Sarma and the rest of the team :

Cinematographer: Hirak J Sarma, Sudipta Sagar Kalita, Kaushik Bhuyan

Editor: Hirak J Sarma

Assistant Editor 1: Abhijit Matak

Assistant Editor 2: Kaushik Bhuyan

Line Production: Abhijit Matak

Colourist: Hirak J Sarma



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