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Behdeinkhlam festival 2019 concludes

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

The annual #Behdeinkhlam #festival of the #Sein Raij Tuber concluded on 22.07.2019 with thousands bearing witness to the conclusion of one of the biggest and colourful religious festival of the #Pnar’s traditional faith- Ka Niamtre. The Sein Raij Tuber kicked-off the four-day long festival on 19.07.2019 with various rituals being performed on the first and the second day.

On 21.07.2019, faithful known as Ki Khon ka Sein Raij Tuber from various villages came together accompanied by #drums #beats, #trumpetsand #cymbals to carry the two #sacred trees to the sacred pool known as Biar Blai located at Tuberkmai Shnong in East Jaintia Hills. The tree were cut and brought to the ‘Ka Biar Blai’ from #forest of #Lumshyrmit village and #Rashai village. Thousands were seen #dancing to the #traditional drums beats and the crashing sound of cymbals while both the sacred trees known as ‘Dein Bhang’ were carried by groups divided based on the North and South direction known as ‘Ki Phang Nein’ and ‘Phang Wah’. Behdeinkhlam festival of the Sein Raij Tuber is a festival handed down to the present generation since time immemorial. It is a festival celebrated after the end of the #sowing season with an aim to drive away #plague. It may be mentioned that the word ‘Beh’ means drive or chase away, ‘Dein’ mean sticks and Khlam means plaque. So ‘Behdeinkhlam’ literally means to drive away the plague. “Plague means social evils, evil spirits and all kinds of destruction to mankind be it drugs, alcohol, other anti-social elements or discrimination”, said the Sein Raij Tuber Secretary, Jalbi Sana.



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