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BFR sound system tour reaches Shillong

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Unique Reggae Artistes who play Music with Vinyl records have drove along with a sound system on a van from Delhi, will have a Reggae session in Shillong on 26.10.2019 at the basketball court in Polo Ground. The BFR (Bass Foundation Roots) members include Taru Dalmia aka Delhi Sultanate and Samara Chopra aka Begum X from Scavenger.

On the event there will also be a book stall bought by the same group. The book stall will have Reggae merchandise like t-shirts , stickers . They will have the book stall because they believe it is important for the people to recognise that music is just one part of a larger culture and Reggae music traditionally is associated with a rebel spirit of asking questions and they want people to ask questions about what is happening around them. When they have books about the 'Black Power´, African Music , books about liberation , books about what's happening in India today and so to give people access to this world of thinking says Taru.



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