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Seeking the batman's prison

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

By E Kay

Ever seen The Dark Knight Rises? Who could ever forget the awe inspiring scene where Bruce Wayne aka The Dark Knight aka Batman decides to try and make it out of the prison when numerous others before him failed. That scene considered by many as the best of the dark knight trilogy, that brings hope, motivation and belief in oneself. And where was that prison? Far in an unknown land, it was said.

Chand Baori

Well, my interest in this place began a few years ago when I chanced upon an article about this splendid stepwell, not very touristy and less frequented. Back then, little did I know that this stepwell was where that scene was shot.

And so now in 2019, after reading up and with a fair amount of research, it was off to look for the Dark Knight's prison in that "unknown" land as the movie suggested. That place lies just about two hundred and thirty kilometers from Delhi. A stepwell whose construction began as early as the eighth century, it is located at Abhaneri, under Dausa district of Rajasthan. The oldest parts of the well, it seems dates back to the 800s.