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Darjeeling. The Himalayan getaway

By E Kay

Sometimes we make plans, plans that seem perfect at first but as we execute it, well, we find ourselves with the fact that nothing can really be perfect. And that was exactly what happened on one of our travels. Our journey to a very beautiful destination, Darjeeling. And who else to play spoilsport but mother nature. But anyways, as travellers that's just a minor hiccup that we got rid of.

Darjeeling tea estate

Well, Darjeeling is a hill station situated about 70 kilometres from one of the commercial hubs of West Bengal, Siliguri. Getting there is simple enough given the fact that it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the eastern part of India. We made our way to darjeeling from the New Jalpaiguri station. Our route was a little different, as in we first went to Mirik, halted there for a day and night and then proceeded to Darjeeling. There are a number of shared cabs to Darjeeling from the NJP station. However to get to Mirik, we were told that it was easier to get a shared cab from Siliguri Junction, so that was our starting point. Of course, for those booking an entire cab, there's nothing more convenient.

Chowraasta Market Darjeeling.

As mentioned, our starting point for Darjeeling was Mirik. There are numerous shared cabs for Darjeeling from there too. We got a cab as early as 6:30 in the morning, that too, right outside our hotel. The cab we got was a little slow as the driver transports milk from mirik to darjeeling, so he made a number of halts along the way, but nonetheless it was an interesting ride. His timing coincides with school timings so he picked up a number of school children on the way. These kids would get in the cab at various points and get off at their respective schools. He must have taken about 20 school kids throughout the route. Some paid him, others didn't. And he didn't bother if they paid him or not.

And he does that daily. So like that, with a number of halts, we reached the tiny bustling town of Darjeeli