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Fame The Band share their musical journey

By Prasanta Phukon

It has been an eventful three years for Fame The Band from Tura. After enthralling music lovers in their home state and winning at competitions like Strawberry Fields XX in Bengaluru and MoodIndigo in Mumbai, the band members — Fame Sangma (24) on vocals, Tengsam (24) on bass and brothers’ Mikkimra (25) and Mark Shira (23) on guitar and drums, respectively — moved to Mumbai in 2017 to pursue a full-fledged career in music.

Photo credits - ASM Media (Performing at High Spirits, Pune)

The band already has many awards in its kitty. In the last interview two years ago, the artistes had said they were self-taught and evolved as musicians over time. And indeed they have bloomed in the music world since the time four youngsters shook hands for the BattleRock challenge in 2013.

Photo credit - Dipankar Sarkar

Fame The Band has recently released its much-awaited album and a music video. The young musicians recorded their first full length album called Nouns back in 2017. But the music video Don’t Save Me from the album was shelved due to delay in production.

The band will release another music video, also from the album, in a few months. Currently, the members are working on their EP (extended play). When asked about their favourite song, Fame replied on behalf of the other members, “There is no particular song that we think is the best. I think every song that we have written is the best that we could have written at the time.”