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Imilate ready for music challenge

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

By Prasanta Phukon

How about pop with a unique blend of duitara? If Imilate comes to your mind then you are spot on.

This new band in town, comprising four teenaged musicians who bonded over music at St Jerome Higher Secondary School, is already making waves on social media. Their song Ale Ale, featuring DJ Wanshan, has already hit 1 million views on YouTube. The new song, Ngan Ym Klet, got a thousand views within an hour of release on digital platform on August 7.

“In the beginning, none of us had a particular genre in mind and we would listen to all kinds of music. But we were definitely influenced by the global pop culture. With time, we started liking electronic dance music and pop and so we decided to combine the two,” said 17-year-old Weibalajied Mawrie, the youngest in the band who is a student of Assam Downtown University.