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Kayaking competition for the first time in Meghalaya

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

The 1st Megha Kayak Fest, 2019, organized by Whitewater Village under the guidance and mentorship of Mr. Ian Vincent and in collaboration with Meghalaya Canoeing Kayaking and Rafting Association. The competition was held on 12.10.2019 at the Whitewater Village, Umtham, Ri Bhoi. There were 17 participants in all. 5 from Meghalaya and the rest from overseas, mostly from the UK. The winners from the various categories are :

Meghalaya Whitewater State Championship 2019

1st Pynshngain Kurbah, 2nd Shiningstar Basaiawmoit, 3rd Juneborlang Nongbri


1st Johannes Schamp (Germany), 2nd Ben Johnson (UK), 3rd Joseph Fender (UK)

Downriver Sprint

1st Matthew Wyatt (UK) 2nd Dave James (UK) 3rd Joseph Fender (UK)


1st Ben Johnson (UK) 2nd Dave Janes (UK) 3rd Robbie Smith (UK)



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