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Kyllang Rock - a legend to remember

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

By E Kay

I'm sure every other day, like us, you just want to go off on a long ride or drive, far from the madding crowd, to while away a couple of hours, to re-energize. Thankfully, there are many such places still left in the world where you can just go off for a few hours to relax in the lap of nature. And one such place lies about 80kms from the capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong.

Kyllang Rock

This particular spot eluded us several times. Whenever we set out to this place, something or the other would always come up and we never made our day trip. But this particular Sunday, we decided it was all or nothing and thus, we set off at a little after 12pm on a not very sunny Sunday. To get to this destination we take the NH106 (Shillong to Nongstoin road).For those of you not so familiar with the area, we take the route towards Upper Shillong-Mawphlang-Mairang-Nongstoin.

Nongstoin Road

So, most tourist places and places in the world are abound in legends and folktales and how they came to be. And this place we were off to, has a fascinating tale behind it. Legend has it that a long time ago, Kyllang Rock derived from Khasi word Kylla Lang. It is a family rock comprising of male, female and a child. There are many folktales related to Kyllang Rock, one being a story of a family, where the father, mother and their child were returning from Jaintia Hills and proceeding towards Mawdoh.