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Lil Baby releases new album It's Only Me

Friday Oct 14 : There cannot be any doubt about Atlanta's effect on the Hip Hop scenario, as the years progressed and rappers like Lil Baby are maintaining tradition at an exceptionally significant level. This day in age, there is a lot of new music delivered at the speed of light that turns out to be the justification for why a ton of music is lost in the world of Hip Hop in a haystack. Luckily enough for Baby, anything he drops generally accompanies high in expectation and today on October 14 2022, is the same as he delivers his third studio collection It's Only Me.

Dominique Armani Jones aka Lil Baby after the success of his 2020 album My Turn, he could managed some hits in the form of collaboration such as the Bee Gees-interpolating DJ Khaled/Drake song “Staying Alive” and also the Budweiser-sponsored, Tears For Fears-sampling World Cup song “The World Is Yours To Take.” Lil Baby did release some singles like “Detox” and “Heyy” but they were not successful. But now finally Lil Baby’s album is out.

Lil Baby has proven that he isn’t just a singles artist. He’s made some great hits, but those songs are exceptions. Lil Baby has a safe place, and that safe place can be totally successful at album-length. It’s Only Me, Baby’s new album, mostly works as intense, bass-heavy mood music. Lil Baby works best when you let him establish a vibe and just zone out to his pain-wracked, Auto-Tune-scrambled voice for an hour at a time.

One thing is for sure Lil Baby is not chasing for hits. Instead, he’s exploring the different sides of his own sensibility. It’s worth hearing, and you can hear it below.


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