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Majuli - The largest river island in the world

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

A man fishing in a pond at Majuli. (Life Unearth)

By E Kay

Situated in the middle of the mighty Brahmaputra, it is a place of serenity, history and breathtaking scenery. At about 352 square kilometres at present, this river island is steadily losing it's surface area every year, thanks to the massive erosion that takes place especially when the monsoons set in. A place that once housed over 60 satras, the island now has just over 20 satras, thanks to the rapidly changing landscape. A birds paradise, this mesmerising island is where we made our way to, just before the monsoons. And what a journey it was. Exhilarating to say the least. Our starting point was Shillong, over 464 kms away.

Sunset along the Jorhat Highway. (Life Unearth)

Thanks to the well maintained Jorabat Nogaon Highway and the newly constructed Shillong Jorabat highway, the journey was not as strenuous as we thought it would be (we sure did have sore bottoms for a couple of days after the journey, especially the pillion rider, that is yours truly). The road from Nagaon to Jorhat at the time we travelled was in a really bad condition, but perhaps by now it could be better. Anyways, we started our journey rather late, at around 7am in the morning. That was one of the few mistakes we made in the course of the journey. And why? Because we missed the last ferry to the island from Nimatighat at Jorhat. Yes. There is no other route as of now to Majuli, except by ferry. Perhaps there are helicopter rides I am not too sure.