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Philadelphia Eagles beat Vikings, with a dominating final score 24 - 7

A Monday Night Football matchup to recollect !!

The Philadelphia Eagles are 2-0 subsequent to overcoming the Minnesota Vikings in a front of a public crowd on Monday Night Football. Last score: 24 to 7.

Entering the 2022 season, Jalen Damages and Jonathan Gannon were seen as the Falcons' greatest question marks.

On Monday night, they were interjection focuses.

Damages' improvement is the greatest story to rise out of this game. He was thrilling out there. The third-year quarterback made various undeniable level tosses into tight windows. He tossed with incredible exactness and contact. He went with extraordinary choices and thoroughly searched in all out there. It was the most noteworthy passing exhibition of his profession. Gracious, and he pretty magnificent as a sprinter again too. In any event, this was an establishment quarterback execution. Assuming he keeps on playing at this level, the Birds may very well have the NFL MVP under focus.

Gannon's protection was flawed; one can track down things to object about (see: Haason Reddick dropping into inclusion to set up a Vikings score). In general, however, there was clearly considerably more great than terrible. After beforehand getting totally annihilated by any sort of skillful quarterback, Gannon had deals with serious consequences regarding Cousins. The Eagles restricted Minnesota to only seven places and left away with various turnovers. JG was feeling the squeeze to perform and he discovered some reclamation.

By and large, this was a major success by the Eagles. They move to 2-0 with two successes against NFC adversaries.

They're undefeated entering one more major game in Week 3: a street matchup against the Washington Officers.

The Eagles' most memorable game against Carson Wentz since exchanging the person that Damages supplanted.


The Eagles designated DeVonta Smith on the absolute first play, which went for a five-yard gathering. Who might have speculated the Birds could attempt to early get him a touch? Jalen Damages moved right and tracked down an open Dallas Goedert for a first down. Miles Sanders' most memorable convey went for 12 yards. Harms got handled for no increase to raise a third and-9. On third down, Damages found Kenneth Gainwell short for a catch-and-hurry to move the chains ... yet, the huge play was cleared out via Landon Dickerson illicitly being downfield by a considerable amount. On third and-13, Damages remained in the pocket with great security and tossed a strike to A.J. Brown for a first down. Pleasant toss! Harms found Zach Pascal short to change over a third and-3. Pascal likewise had a third down change in Detroit last week; he's a figure those circumstances. Two plays later, Damages endured contact to punch it in for a score. Solid opening drive. Abnormal grouping on the Eagles' where they needed to re-try the additional point since "Vikings chaperons" were on the field. How wasn't that a punishment, then? The Vikings DID then get punished for being offside ... however, the Eagles declined the banner as opposed to attempting to go for two focuses from the 1-yard line. Falcons 7, VIKINGS 0.

The Vikings' most memorable drive was a three-and-out with Darius Kill thumping down a Kirk Cousins pass expected for Justin Jefferson. Jefferson needed a pass obstruction call yet the refs didn't give it to him. Kill did rapidly get Jefferson's hand ... in any case, the refs aren't continuously going to call that. Scratch Sirianni was started up and got down to celebrate with the safeguard after the stop.

Hostile pass obstruction on DeVonta transformed a third and-2 into a third and-12. Harms was then sacked from behind subsequent to clutching the ball to compel a dropkick. Jalen Reagor drew boos as he arranged to return the Eagles' most memorable dropkick ... and afterward drew cheers after he was handled by Zech McPhearson for an increase of just a single yard.

The Vikings got to third and-5 and James Bradberry thumped down the third down toss to Irv Smith. Solid beginning for Jonathan Gannon's protection.

The Eagles got required their fourth hostile punishment on their third drive. It was their third ineligible man downfield with Isaac Seumalo called as the guilty party.


Harms tossed profound to a completely open Quez Watkins, who was opened up with a Vikings wellbeing mistakenly assisting with Goedert as opposed to remaining with the expedient wide beneficiary. Falcons 14, VIKINGS 0.

Jalen Reagor fly range on third and-1 for a 17-yard gain ... what's more, boos from the group at the Linc. The Vikings crashed into the red zone and Haason Reddick, who dropped into inclusion against reinforcement tight end Johnny Mundt, permitted a 17-yard gathering to lay out up first and-objective at the 2-yard line. Cousins then hit Irv Smith with a short pass for the score. Reddick in inclusion sure feels like a waste. Eagles 14, VIKINGS 7.

The Eagles got to third and-12 and Damages ran too far out shy of the marker however they were helped by a Vikings unlawful contact punishment for a new arrangement of downs. Damages' most memorable deficiency came on a play where Goedert was firmly covered and almost made a catch yet Cameron Dantlzer took the ball out before the tight end laid out belonging. Simply an extraordinary guarded play to separate a decent toss in a tight window. Damages' third down pass was finished shy of the sticks to drive a dropkick. Second hostile drive of the night without focuses.

T.J. Edwards thumped down a Cousins third down ignore the center to compel another three-and-out.

Harms hit DeVonta over the center on consecutive plays for gains of 19 and 16 yards. Then, at that point, Boston Scott took a draw for 16 yards. Then, at that point, Sanders took a draw for nine yards. Confronting third and-2, Damages took off running ... however, not only for the main down. Rather than going out, he followed great lead impeding by Goedert on Harrison Smith and afterward muscled through contact to reach out for a score. Really great stuff! Eagles 21, VIKINGS 7.

Josh Sweat fired Cousins ... in any case, got his facemask to clear out the sack. Womp. Cousins was almost strip-terminated on a profound toss that hoped to be impacted by pressure ... be that as it may, it was nearly finished profound to Irv Smith ... who rather dropped what might've been a score. What a break. Particularly for C.J. Gardner-Johnson. Cousins' third down pass was inadequate to raise one more stop. Odd how it wasn't purposeful establishing when nobody was really near the ball. The refs said Dalvin Cook was nearby yet ... he wasn't. By any stretch of the imagination.

The Eagles took over at their own 5-yard line with 1:14 left in the subsequent quarter. Harms tossed the ball with smart idea to a weakness to track down DeVonta for a first down. Harms hit Goedert for a 19-yard catch-and-run along the left sideline. Not certain why the Vikings left him so open. Harms put extraordinary touch on one more disregard to Goedert the center, another general toss. That culmination set up a 38-yard field objective make from Jake Elliott. Colossal to have the option to get a few focuses on that drive and make it a three belonging game. Difficult to be more intrigued with Damages! Eagles 24, VIKINGS 7.

Second from last QUARTER

The Vikings opened the final part by purposefully crashing into the red zone. However at that point Javon Hargrave hit Cousins as he tossed to compel a terrible toss that was caught by Darius Kill! After the pick, Kill celebrated by coming up short on the field situates and giving the ball to James Solidify. Philadelphia fan fiction show signs of life.

The Eagles took over at their own 19-yard line and headed to third and-5 from the Vikings' 21-yard line. A premature move on Path Johnson thumped the Eagles back. The Eagles made due with a 41-yard field objective endeavor ... which was obstructed. Credit to Arryn Siposs for making a tackle to forestall a score.

The Vikings took over at the Eagles' 24-yard line. Also, it didn't make any difference since Cousins tossed another pick, this one to Avonte Maddox.


Harms made a decent toss while moving left to hit Watkins along the sideline for a piece gain. Sadly for him, it was cleared out by a holding punishment on Jordan Mailata. The Eagles wound up drop-kicking.

The Vikings went on a 11-play, 27-yard drive (how miserable) that finished in a dropkick after a Fletcher Cox strip-sack.

Harms tossed a screen pass to Gainwell that bobbed off his mind and was picked by ... close buddy Jordan Hicks.

Kill dropped a pick in the end zone. It resembled the third or fourth dropped pick of the night for him. Then Kill got the following one that turned out well for him for a touchback. Game.

The Eagles ran a few clock and afterward the Vikings had some trash time creation before the game formally finished. Josh Sweat fired Cousins on the last play of the game.

Last SCORE: Eagles 24, VIKINGS 7.

Arrangement NOTES

Quez Watkins had returned to take the opening shots.


A.J. Brown momentarily got checked in the clinical tent halfway through the subsequent quarter out. However, he missed no time.

GAME Review

The Philadelphia Eagles are facilitating the Minnesota Vikings in their home opener on Monday Night Football. It's a generally enormous matchup between two 1-0 groups at Lincoln Monetary Field.

The Eagles are falling off a success against the Detroit Lions that wasn't so persuading as many trusted it would be. While there were various up-sides of detract from that game, concerns stay about Philadelphia's protection. Could Jonathan Gannon at any point figure out how to hold facing a quarterback who isn't absolutely horrible? Kirk Cousins has demonstrated problematic absurd before and assuming the best about Philly's cautious organizer is presently hard.

The Vikings are hoping to follow up a major win over the Green Inlet Packers with another solid exertion. Minnesota's protection restricted the harm that Aaron Rodgers could do in Week 1. There could be tension on the Birds' offense to set up a ton of focuses should Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook demonstrate as trying as they show up.

The champ of this game will feel better. They'll have a 2-0 record and a case as one of the absolute best groups in the NFC. The washout may be believing they're great yet not exactly adequate.


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