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Sound of real reggae

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

By Prasanta Phukon

The love for the reggae culture and the sound system tradition prompted two Delhi-based artistes, Taru Dalmia and Samara Chopra, to develop Bass Foundation Roots (BFR) sound system. The musician couple go around the country to promote the Jamaican form of music and recently drove all the way to Shillong to enthrall music lovers here.

Reggae session in Shillong. (Photo by LU)

Dalmia, aka Delhi Sultanate, and Chopra, aka Begum X, are inspired by reggae and the Afro-Caribbean music tradition. “Many people don’t realise that a lot of modern music conventions go back to reggae. Let’s say rapping started with Jamaican guys getting on their microphone, what we call toasting. The idea of DJing first started with the sound system culture in Jamaica. The idea of remixes started with reggae... so there are so many things that we take for granted in today’s music culture that originated in the ghettos in Kingston (Jamaica)… so the ‘Roots’ (in BFR),” says Dalmia.