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Samsung Galaxy S20 to scan up to 240 movements per second

In today's market, most solutions offer displays with 60Hz refresh rates (60 images displayed per second), and any solution with a refresh rate higher than this is referred to as a 'high refresh rate display'.

Many conventional displays will scan a finger scrolling on the screen up to 120 times per second, but the Galaxy S20 goes beyond this by scanning finger movement up to 240 times per second.

"A high refresh rate on a display helps give a real, grounded sense of touch to users when they are scrolling.

Some users may not be aware of the true strength of a 120Hz display. In terms of gaming it makes a huge difference, fighting games in particular in which, split-second decision making can prove the difference between victory and defeat and a display with a rapid refresh rate can provide users with a vital edge.

"A screen with a high refresh rate displays more images every second, allowing you to pick up the movements of your opponent's character quicker and act that little bit faster. A 120Hz display shows a new image every 0.008 seconds.



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