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Nearly 300 local youths out of Jobs who is to blame?

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

On 17.06.19 KHADC officials close down a swiggy office in Shillong for not having a KHADC trading license and these actions by the officials are after closing down 31 shops recently for not having the same license. Nearly 300 youths are out of Jobs, out of which 90% were locals.

These youths were mostly making a living out of these jobs. Now when we talk about job creation … it's about welcoming companies in a controlled business environment where they can only hire locals and local materials, so that the ever growing population gets benefited.

It is not fair comparing Shillong to USA, but recently US President Donald Trump made it clear to big giant companies from India like INFOSYS , TCS etc to hire only US citizens for their large number of offices across America and the announcement was for other companies from across the globe who have company level businesses in the united states. Now will this recent actions in Shillong hamper the thoughts of future companies to invest in Shillong ?



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