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The Main Serenade to enthral Shillong

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Band of brothers serenades Shillong

By Prasanta Phukon

For The Main Serenade , music is a divine calling. The Christian gospel contemporary band from Shillong believes that “He does lead the way and He helps those who help themselves”.

The three members — brothers MarkAddison and Andrew Wilson Massar and PanborlangToi — started their journey playing together in the Presbyterian Church at Mawlai - Phudmuri. “For us, everything started in that church that paved our way to become a band of basically three brothers,” said 26-year-old Mark, who is the vocalist. He recently finished his masters in music. Andrew is the guitarist and the youngest member, Panborlang, is the drummer.

The band has written and composed many songs among which 'Sing like them' is the most popular. “We believe that is our best creation so far. That which has inspired us to write the song is very personal to us. It is just a clear message of what God has spoken to us to tell the world through our music,” said the 25-year-old guitarist who has completed graduation. This song gave the band a broader platform in the local music industry and the members got the opportunity to perform on big stages l