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Valley of flowers - An ultimate florist's dream

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

E Kay

So off we were to the valley of flowers, from the beautiful hill station, #Nainital. But first it was a mad scurry for people to join us. After a lot of planning, searching for a means of transport, bargaining and convincing, it was off to this beautiful valley situated 270 kilometres away.

We set off from Nainital at around 8 in the morning. On hindsight, we should have left earlier as in the course of the journey a lot of unfortold events took place. Anyways, we left at 8 in the morning in a nice shuttler driven by one of the nicest persons you could have ever met, Bablu, and then on it was just a long long road trip.

We were supposed to travel right up to #Joshimath and halt there the first night, however as mentioned, the unforetold events slowed us down. So we were off time by a very precious couple of hours. We halted at #Pipalkoti, a tiny village about 20 kilometres from Joshimath. This is a very popular halting spot for those travelling to #Haridwar and #Hemkund.