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World BMX day to be celebrated in Shillong on 21st

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

On the occasion of World BMX day, BMX Streets Series will be organised by VizibilityZero Bmxpark Shillong in collaboration with ProLife Skatepark Shillong. The event will be a city cleaning campaign and an extreme Bmx Sports competition. Riders will be coming from several states from North East to participate in the event, all are welcome to participate.

All the participants have to report at the Vizibilityzero skatepark, Shillong, at 9am Sharp.They will have a session on environment and an extreme Bmx Sports session in the park till 10.30 am and then the participating cyclists will move towards the city to clean selected dirty spots within the city along with all the volunteering riders. The cleaning drive will be till 1pm and after lunch they will have a environment awareness session within the city. At 2pm the volunteers will move towards the Prolife_Skatepark Shillong and the rest of the activities will be held till 6 pm.

The aim of the riders will be to ride in the city where it would be dirty by garbage and also to promote awareness towards the environment and spread the message to throw garbage in Bins. Activities will also be held like riders who are dedicated and riders with best tricks will be given with some gifts.

They are organizing this event to popularize the Bmx scene in North East as there are lack of Competitions and sponsorships for the riders to opt as a career in BMX sports. The Manager of Vizibilityzero, Winward Sangma is looking forward for more supportive sponsors for the future events to spread awareness to protect the environment through BMX sports.



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