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Don Kam pioneering HipHop in Arunachal

"Breaking Boundaries: Don Kam, Arunachal's Hip Hop Pioneer, Sets the Stage Ablaze with Unprecedented Achievements and a Nostalgic Boom Bap Album on the Horizon"

Kamsang aka Don Kam
Kamsang aka Don Kam

By Prasanta Phukon

Kamsang aka Don Kam a Hip Hop rapper from a Hip Hop group known as DC from Arunachal Pradesh who also have been considered as a pioneer of Arunachal Hip Pop music scene by fans. Don Kam is among the few from North East to release a Hindi Hip Hop Single "Shuruwaat" along with English Hip Hop singles. Kamsang has been entertaining the crowd across India and in Shillong it was no different at the Shillong Hill Festival 2019.

One of his song "Itanagar Cypher 2" exceeded the artist's expectation , but the song which help him reach a personal milestone which Kamsang believes was in 2020 single release 'Shuruwaat' which is his first Hindi rap. According to Kamsang , he has not really achieved much in this line really no trophies no special recognition but a lot of respect and hearts and that's all that matters to him. But he is still very proud on the success of Shuruwaat which reached a million views and his music was aired on a national tv channel that too. Though he really want his music to be written as articles in any music vlog or magazines that would be a milestone for him.

Kamsang is coming up with a Boom Bap album (Boom bap is a music production style that was prominent in East Coast hip hop music during the mid 1980s to the early 1990s ) Because he is tired of triplet flows (The triplet or triplet flows is a standard in musical composition — it happens when three notes occur over one beat. In rap they work in a similar way, except the three notes happen to be syllables in a word or phrase. Triplets, especially those delivered in a sort of cascading cadence over an entire verse, are now so popular that nearly every mainstream rap artist has used them) so he is going back to the 90 s on the next album.

About the stage name Don Kam , he used to read a lot of mafia novels and was really inspired by their stories. Don is like the highest position in a mafia rank and also People used to call him Kam instead of his real name Kamsang , hence he decided his stage name as Don Kam.

Kamsang is an engineer graduate and he is still pursuing higher studies to be qualified for a engineering job and music is everything to him which is his passion aswell and he is still trying balance these two things.

Kamsang has been listening to hip hop since he was in the third grade, when he first got a tape of Linkin Park's hybrid theory album, ever since he had been hooked to that genre. Different eras came and went away while everybody was on that EMO Rock thing He was still hooked to hip hop. Mostly He followed Gangsta Rap like G Unit and the GAME , NWA and all. So when He first came in college He got his hands on FL Studio and learned that they could make beats with it then he thought he could make everything original so he started writing his own lyrics and composing his own beats.

According to Kamsang the story behind the album "Nocturnal Wolves" creation is his old group Demons clique (DC) which ended due to various reasons so he formed a new alliance with a rap crew called Bandit 9 and after that they knew that they needed materials to perform together on stage so he started this project with them from December. When they were discussing about starting the project they were mostly spending most of their time around the town at night drinking and other stuff because it turns out all of them have insomnia problems , so like the name of the album Nocturnal Wolves is mostly related to that experience.

According to Kamsang music scene in Arunachal is still behind by a lot, cover artists are on the rise and time is yet to come for original legit Artistes. There are lots of talents alls we need is exposure. Shillong is way ahead in the scene as I have noticed and I expect a lot from that place because my own place is hardly providing me with opportunities since he had been to Shillong a couple of times before to perform. Don Kam along with the rising Hip Hop Artist G'Nie from Mizoram will be performing live in Shillong on 21st March at Tango OB Shopping Mall.


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