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McLeodganj - The Trip to little Lhasa

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

By E Kay

Some places elude you. Some places remain a mystery for a long long time and somehow, they draw you in. That was what I felt for this tiny hill station in the Himalayas. For years, it was the place I wanted, no, needed to go to. And finally in the summer of 2018, right in the middle of monsoon, we headed out to this quaint town in Himachal Pradesh.

A view from #TheckchenChoeling #Temple ( the resident of #DalaiLama )

The journey started from Delhi, in a comfortable overnight bus from Majnu ka Tilla. It was a little difficult finding the exact boarding point, but nonetheless we found it thanks to a very helpful auto rickshaw driver. So we set off, in this clean, AC bus at around 9pm and reached our destination the next morning at around 8am. We got off the bus and headed out of the station, found a small roadside dhaba and had a tasty breakfast of buttery parathas and chai.

Surprisingly, there were not many autos or cabs around at that time, so we decided to hike up to our hotel. And what a decision it was. It was quite a long and moderately steep walk but the route was so beautiful, the distance and the climb hardly mattered.