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Atta Ka Bonda

Recipe for Atta Ka Bonda by Noami's Kitchen

Dry ingredients :----

Wheat flour/ Atta : 3 cups

Jagery powder: 1 cup

Raisin : 50 grams

Cashew nut : 50 grams

Cumin seeds : 2 tea spoon

Salt : one pinch

Oil to fry

Raw ingredients :------------

Gratted coconut : 1 full raw coconut 

Procedure :-------

Make a dough mixing the dry ingredients except oil with lukewarm water. 

Take small portions of the dough and by the help of the palm press it flat. 

Add bit gratted coconut, few raisins and cashew nuts, close it by making it into small balls. 

Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the balls till golden brown. 

Have it immediately when it is still warm with evening tea or coffee. 



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