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Potato pancake

Dry ingredients :----

Refined flour/ maida : 2 cups

Salt : to taste

Black pepper powder/ kali mirch: 1/2 tea spoon

Cheese : 50 grams

Butter to fry

Raw ingredients :------------

Potatoes 🥔 : 4 large

Onions  : 2 large

Ginger garlic paste : 1 tea spoon 🥄 

Procedure :-------

Grate the potatoes and wash thoroughly to the starch comes out. 

Grate the onions. 

Wash the grated potatoes again and then mix with the grated onions.

Add the remaining ingredients salt, black pepper powder/kali mirch, butter, grated cheese and the refined flour/maida. 

Check if the mixture turns out to be too watery then add little bit of more flour. 

Heat a frying pan and turn the gas to low flame. 

Add one tea spoon of butter and spread it to the entire pan. 

Put the mixture in it in either small portions or cover the entire pan with desired size. 

Cover it with a lid for 1 to 2 minutes and flip it to the other side. 

Add more butter from the sides and close the lid for another 2 minutes. 

Keep the flame low and keep on flipping in intervals to until both sides are turned golden brown. 

Serve it immediately when it is still warm with evening tea or coffee or can be served with salad or salsa. 


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